Dr. Leslie A. Huszar Neurologist
General Neurology /Neurophysiology
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  • Leslie Huszar MD Neurologist A brief summary ……….

  • Born in Budapest Hungary a long long time ago.
  • Initial training and Doctor of Medicine degree from Semmelweiss Medical University.
  • Spent time in Pharmacological research mainly cardiovascular and neuro-vascular physiology.
  • Studied a fair number of blood pressure lowering and cardiac drugs.
  • Spent one year in research in Addiction and Alcoholism at ARF/Univ of Toronto in Toronto Canada.
  • Postgraduate training at McGill University in Montreal Canada.
  • One year Fellowship in Neurophysiology including Electroencephalography and all modalities of Evoked Potensials.
  • Trained in Electromyography.
  • Started Private Practice in the state of Kentucky and practiced in Virginia for a year before moving to current location in Vero Beach Florida - the only state in the Union that has a manageable climate.
  • Enjoying my patients here since 1996. You are welcome to my practice !
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  • You can find me here: Leslie Huszar MD 100 S US Hwy 1 Suite 120, Vero Beach, FL 32962, United States